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Dreaming of Cardiff


Friday, September 28, 2007 by

With the draw for the next round of the League Cup due for tomorrow, am I the only one hoping to get Cardiff at home?

It would be fantastic to welcome Robbie Fowler back at Anfield one more time and give him the chance to get that one more goal in front of the Kop. Provided Liverpool win, that is.

Michael Mifsud: Legend


Thursday, September 27, 2007 by

Michael Mifsud. Coventry City striker. Maltese. Two goals against United. Legend.

What Has Gone Wrong?


Sunday, September 23, 2007 by

The question, after the frustrating 0-0 draw with Birmingham, is what has gone wrong for Liverpool. Having impressed so much in the opening fixtures, the team has looked jaded and uninspired after the international break.

It is too simplistic to blame this downturn in form exclusively on the national team commitments of most of the squad – it hasn’t had that much of an impact on Arsenal - even though in some cases it has undeniably contributed: Andrey Voronin has gone spectacularly off-form after his bust up with the Ukrainian national coach.

That the two Premiership sides Liverpool have drawn with have played exclusively for a draw hasn’t helped, yet it is worrying that the team still struggles to find a way to open up such stubborn defences.

In this respect, Benitez is partly to blame. You simply cannot keep a striker of Torres’ ability on the bench unless he is injured or too tired. Having spent the past two seasons bemoaning the club’s inability to buy players of his quality, surely he must play him more often especially this week when he can surely be spared from playing in the League Cup.

Talking of which, Liverpool could have had an easier draw than Reading away even though, in some respects, it is better to play against a Premiership side which might make a potential defeat easier to digest than a lower league side intent on causing an upset.

Given the recent injuries, it would be nice to see Jack Hobbs get his senior debut. Much is expected of this young central defender – even though he struggled badly when given a chance in last year’s pre-season – and it would be ideal for him to get some experience in case he should be required.

Having struggled so much to create chances, the last thing Liverpool need is to have to start worrying about their defence.