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Who's Being Arrogant Now?


Sunday, July 26, 2009 by

"He [Rafael Benitez] called them [Everton] a small club which points to his arrogance. They are a big club and David Moyes is doing a great job.”
Alex Ferguson, 17 April 20009

"It's [Manchester] City isn't it? They are a small club with a small mentality."
Alex Ferguson, 26 July 2009

Need I add anything to that?


efee true red said...

come on its fergie he is king of the world
him and his team can do what they when ever they want and they will be backed by the media the F.A , the premier league ,the prime minister the queen and elvis
i think the words we are looking for is SMOKE SCREEN

fergie is a worried man his team has lost 50-60 goals this summer and he knows that the only striker around at the moment that could softened the blow of losing ronaldo and get close to scoring as many goals as he did is the liverpool number fernando torres and sorry fergie not even that 80 mill will prise el ninio from the kop

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is Fergie didn't even get it right, Rafa actually called Everton a smaller club and in relation to Liverpool they are - no disputing that, but to then call City a small club a couple of months later shows the pressure is mounting, Fergie has had it all too easy from football the tide is turning and he is cracking up!! He has even said Rafa was talking bollocks over the Blackburn incident.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get this right! Rafa,
peeved that Everton had come to Anfield with the obvious intent of getting a draw said,"small clubs come here and defend deep and they (Everton)did that"

Peter said...

Well said.

The man is a joke and would have been found out himself at a 'small club'.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny that no newspaper actually have noticed this...

I have to take a bow to their extreme protection of mr. Alex "Red Whiskey Nose" Ferguson, it is almost funny.
Fortunately some people have not forgotten what he said about Rafas comments about Everton(whom he actually misquoted).

It is good to see that Ferguson have lost it completely, he has been on the verge the last two seasons, but now he has finally cracked fully up.

Tevez (top class) out - Michael Owen (injury prone and only average) and Mame Biram Diouf (maybe good enough to play in the reserve league for Brighton) in.

Ronaldo (world class) out - Antonio Valencia (average, besides far from a goal getter like Ronaldo) in...

I guess that says it all. :D