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A Question or Two For Martin Broughton


Monday, May 31, 2010 by

So this is the new Liverpool Way; where the fans get to know what the club's chairman thinks about the future of a player through comments he made at a rival club's end of season do.

In reality, there isn't really anything particularly revealing in Martin Broughton's reported comments that he believes that Fernando Torres is at the stage in his career where he had to think about his future before deciding whether to stay at Anfield or not. If we're being honest, it is something that we have all thought ourselves. Indeed it was more interesting to read that he thinks that it will take three years to turn the club around. Given the pessimistic reports coming out of the club over the past couple of weeks, it is perhaps a better outlook than most have dared hope for.

Yet that does not mean that the whole story does not raise any questions. The first and most obvious one centres around what he was doing at Chelsea's Player of the Year award in the first place. For someone who felt the need to publicly claim that he wasn't going to attend the Liverpool v Chelsea game because he didn't think that it was fair on both himself and the club, it was quite a strange and questionable decision to say the least.

For all the lack of class that he showed in making that choice, the fan inside of us can understand his desire to be there. Much less excusable is the fact that he decided to share his opinions with someone who was at the same event. This is a man who publicly said that he didn't feel that it was appropriate for him to meet the Spirit of Shankly or any other suppoter group because it wasn't right to address one particular group privately. Yet apparently it seems that he feels it is right to address one individual at a party. And isn't expressing an opinion like that at an official event of a rival club - one that has publicly expressed an interest in Torres - tantamout to revealing insider information?

It certainly isn't beyond imagination that Chelsea, on hearing those comments, might get in touch with Torres' agent to put pressure on the player to move. Not to mention signalling to them that they can put in a lower offer than they might have thought because the decision about the player's future is out of Liverpool's hands.  And that is without speculating what else he might have said to other people there.  Either way, it certainly isn't going to help Liverpool.

When Broughton was appointed as chairman, the doubts over having in that role someone who was a fan of such a close rival like Chelsea were shouted down by claims that a professional like him wouldn't let personal allegiances come in the way of doing a good job. Sadly, his actions so far have shown that the faith of those who defended his appointment was misplaced.

Follow Him. And Him. And Him


Friday, May 28, 2010 by

Friday is, as anyone who has been on Twitter for any time, the day when people try to tell you who is worth following. Which is what I am going to do here. Whilst reminding everyone to follow aliverpoolthing this, in no particular order, is a list of ten people any Liverpool fan shoud be following on Twitter.

Undoubtedly, the most popular Liverpool fan on Twitter, @empireofthekop (aka Antoine Zammit) is a veritable machine when it comes to putting out links to any Liverpool story and answering any query.

A true revelation since coming on Twitter, it is fair to say that I'd never really noticed Rory Smith before. Yet, in my reckoning, he is probably the finest Liverpool writer with the nationals (bar, perhaps, Tony Barrett) around. As well as the one most likely to chat with those who are following him.

His tweets often provide the kind of insight that fans crave for, Oliver Kay is also a good source for links to Liverpool related articles, especially those on the Times. The effectiveness of the latter, however, is likely to decline now that this paper has moved into subscription mode (i.e. you have to pay to read them)

An up and coming Scouse journalist is how he likes to define himself so that's what we'll echo. Occasionally cranky, there are few out there as dedicated as the Click Liverpool writer.

Perhaps the most prolific Liverpool writer there is, Paul Tomkins is just as good on Twitter as he is in his articles. Somewhat surprisingly, it has to be added, given that he has to limit his thoughts to just 140 characters when most of his articles are the length of a short novel.

He might be a Chelsea fan, but Gabriele Marcotti is a damn fine writer and his tweets are often as thoughtful as his articles.

Andy Brassell is a regular at the BBC's World Football Phone In and an all round expert of European football, he's also one of the most affable journalists out there.

Given the current situation at Anfield, following and supporting Sprit of Shankly in any way possible is a must.

I'm not quite sure who writes their tweets but they're often very funny. Also, pay careful attention to their comments: they know more than they let on.

The editor of Well Red magazine, Gareth Roberts provides a biting commentary about all things Liverpool.

Get your twitter mosaic here.