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Follow Him. And Him. And Him


Friday, October 29, 2010 by

Updated on 09/06/11

Earlier this week I was hit by a somewhat curious realisation: I hadn’t visited a forum for quite a number of days. Up till a few months back, logging on to see what was being said on RAWK or The Liverpool Way to catch up with the latest rumours was a daily (and, occasionally, hourly) habit. But now I rarely bother to check in.

The reason for this drastic change in attitude is Twitter. On a forum you have to wade through post after post of inane drivel before you get to some thought that is worth reading. There’s no danger of that happening on Twitter where you can listen to who you want and switch off all the rest.

There are many out there who are worth listening to but those listed below are, in my opinion, the ones that no Liverpool fan should miss out on (presented in no particular order).

Liverpool FC Greats

@kennethdalglish The King. And the greatest of them all. Kenny Dalglish doesn't tweet very often but rest assured that every time that he does it is worth listening.

@realjohnaldo Another legend and recent convert to Twitter, John Aldridge is very much like Dalglish in that he doesn't tweet very often but his views are always interesting.

The Owners

@John_W_Henry The new overlord at Anfield, John W Henry’s use of Twitter is quite sporadic but it is always nice to know that you can vent your frustration by sending a message to the club’s owner.

@Linda_Pizzuti Wife of the aforementioned overlord, apparently it was Ms Pizzuti who urged Henry to enquire with Tom Hicks about the possibility of buy Liverpool FC. For that reason alone, she’s worth following.


@TonyBarretTimes Widely considered the finest Liverpool FC writer around, Tony Barrett is a recent convert to Twitter but it shows how highly regarded he is that he picked almost 10,000 followers in a few hours.  Full of informative snippets, it is a pity that his Times articles are hidden behind the paywall.

@TonyEvansTimes Another new addition and a great Red to boot, when he gets going 140 characters clearly aren't enough for Tony Evans (cue a series of interlinked tweets) but that is what makes his views worth listening to.

@dionobanion The man who, on Rafa's dismissal, predicted that within six month's the Benitez era would seem like a golden age.  Oh, how right he was.  If that isn't enough to convince you to follow him just read a couple of his brilliant articles.  Great Red; brilliant writer.

@rorysmith_tel Officially, Rory Smith covers the North West for the Telegraph but, in reality, all he writes about is Liverpool FC. At least that the impression he gives on Twitter. Not that we mind because he is someone who (often) knows what he’s talking about.

@ianherbs Perhaps not as well known as other Liverpool FC specific writers but Ian Herbert is another who has excellent contacts at the club and, as such, someone who is to be believed when he says anything.

@neiljjones Occasional contributor to the Liverpool Echo and, more recently, close follower of the lower leagues, Jones offers a good mixture of tweets about what's happening at Liverpool and elsewhere.

@Simon_Hughes__ Writer on the LFC Weekly and author of the excellent book Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout, it is worth following Hughes if only to know when he has posted another one of his normally very good interviews on his own blog.

 @RBuxton_LFC The Liverpool FC correspondent for Click Liverpool, there’s rarely a story that he doesn’t cover.

Simon writes for a wide range of outlets and on a number of sports but most of his tweets are on one subject: Liverpool FC.  Often funny, always interesting he is well worth a follow.

At Sports Illustrated, where he is football (soccer) editor, Chang has brought together some of the finest football writers around.  More importantly, however, he is a Liverpool fan and his opinions on the club are both measured and insightful.

Bloggers & the Rest

@empireofthekop If there are over 50,000 people following you, then you must be doing something right.

@royhendo Well known to anyone who has been frequenting the RAWK forum for some time, royhendo is not only a fan but someone who thinks a lot about the game. His Level 3 articles, for instance, are must reads.

@paul_tomkins The most popular – and probably most respected – Liverpool FC blogger around, Tomkins is as prolific on Twitter as he is elsewhere.

@robbohuyton Editor at the excellent Well Red magazine, Roberts is never one to shirk from expressing his opinion even if it isn’t what most to hear.

@TheKopMagazine The twitter handle for the unofficial Liverpool magazine, its tweets offer a good mixture of humour and insight.

@Maldini An excellent source if you want to know what’s happening with Liverpool’s youths and reserves.

@JimBoardman Writer on Anfield Road site, Boardman’s tweets are a mix of the insightful and the revealing.

@pauldalglish The former manager of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, Paul’s tweets are often hilarious. Oh, and his father’s royalty.

@mcdonladtaf His experience and knowledge of finance allows Taf to offer a unique insight into what is happening at Liverpool.

@jd77 The editor of Anfield Online, John Dowling clearly has some very good contacts at the club and is always a reliable source for the latest rumours.

The author of most Liverpool themed Youtube videos, it is worth following Milan Kaka Baros purely to know every time he prepares something new.

ALiverpoolThing Well, we have to plug our own twitter handle, don't we?

A Word on Chairman Broughton


Tuesday, October 19, 2010 by

Football loyalties – and enmities – are very difficult to quell which perhaps explains why my own initial reaction to Martin Broughton wasn’t of the most positive. Professional or not, there was no way that a Chelsea fan could work for the benefit of one of its fiercest rivals.

That Broughton himself had been highly supportive of those who wanted to get rid of Rafa Benitez didn’t help ingratiate particularly as he later admitted (indirectly) that his decision was formed on what the media was saying.

Over the past few days, however, opinion of him has changed dramatically. Football wise he might not be up to speed (after all, he supports Chelsea) but when it comes to business decisions his outflanking of the previous owners, was quite simply majestic in its conception and execution.

As always, caution has to be exercised. It would be stupid to repeat the mistakes of the recent past, particularly the ‘Thanks DM & RP’ mosaic when the club was sold to Hicks and Gillett. How good a job Broughton has actually done in selling Liverpool FC to NESV will only become apparent within the next three to five years.

At this point in time, however, what counts is what he has done. By forcing both Tom Hicks and George Gillett out he had already won over most skeptics.

So it has to be well done to Mr Broughton. And sorry for doubting you.